A downloadable Chinese-Spanish dictionary

HISPACEDIC is a downloadable and open source Chinese-Spanish lexicon, inspired by the CEDICT (Chinese-English) and EDICT (Japanese-English) dictionaries. In fact, it takes the entries in CEDICT as its main lexic source, translated into Spanish. Some entries are corrected, added and/or deleted.

It is distributed in a Unicode plain-text file in which each line represents a definition. The format tries to conform to the CEDICT and EDICT standards, so that it is possible to re-use most of the programs and interfaces already programmed to access the lexicon (mainly PHP or Perl scripts to be used in webpages).

It is also possible to port the source to the StarDict format to be used within that interface.

This project will also include several utilities to access the lexicon, obtain some basic data from the dictionary file and automatically submit new entries to the editors.

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